This is a try to install & play Baldur’s Gate Trilogy on Linux.

Versions used

Installation steps

This is how I did it, in a specific Wine prefix as usual :

  • Install BG1 with wine
  • Install BG2 with wine
  • Put WeiDU binaries in the path (~/bin in my case)
  • Put bg2fixpack folder in BG2 folder
  • Run tolower from BG2 folder, answer Y to questions.
  • Run weinstall bg2fixpack from BG2 folder in english (choice 0).
  • Put bgt folder & setup-gt.tp2 in BG2 folder
  • Copy bgt/install/unix/x86 to bgt/install/unix/amd64. If you don’t, weinstall will complain about missing binaries. This should only happen on x64 systems, not on i386 I suppose.
  • Run weinstall bgt in english (choice 0), choose to install.
  • Copy bg1ub folder to BG2 folder
  • Copy BG2 unfinished business binary to BG2 folder
  • Run it with wine so it uncompress necessary files
  • Kill it when it runs WeiDU installer (ctrl-c + kill process)
  • Run tolower in BG2 folder, answer Y to questions
  • Run weinstall bg1ub
  • Run weinstall ub

And finally, run the game and enjoy ! 😄