My Firefox Sync stopped working recently. Not sure if it’s because of my Firefox Sync server crashed, or because of an update to Firefox. Anyway, here is a short update to my previous post on Firefox Sync Server Setup.


I updated NPM to latest version (3.3.4 when writing this post)

npm install npm -g

I reinstalled all the components in a clean environnement, just to be sure nothing was corrupted. I followed the same steps as in the previous post. Updated config files the same way, except I took the latest from git as a base.

Content server

Now running it with the following command :

npm run start-production

Database backend

Same as before.

Auth server

Changed configuration file to prod.json (was dev.json before). Modified to prevent the DB from running. Now running it with the following command. Not sure how it was running correctly before…

NODE_ENV=prod CONFIG_FILES=config/prod.json ./scripts/ 2>&1